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FAQ: Achievement System

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What is the achievement system on Workana?

The achievement system on Workana is another way you can value your profile on our platform. It's a system of points and levels that represent the quality and commitment of your work on Workana.

Why did you decide to limit the amount of connects I can send?

We believe that, when a professional signs up on our platform, it's important to choose wisely the projects they'd like to work on. Besides, by limiting the amount of connects you can send and unlocking them as you achieve goals - such as completing your profile or getting a certification - we are helping you make your profile even more interesting to clients. This allows the professional to have a learning and maturity curve proportional to their commitment. 

What is the maximum of connects I can send if I can get 4 or 5 stars in a completed project?

If you complete a project and the client qualifies your work as 4 or 5 stars, you can connect as many times as you want.

Why is it mandatory to take the beginners' test?

For new workers, it is mandatory to take the beginners' test because it establishes the foundation and rules to develop correctly as a professional on our platform. In the initial text, we state the foundation that allows workers to avoid misunderstandings and problems with their interactions inside Workana
It is important to stress that the test is also mandatory to every user that has not been given 4 stars or more for qualification.

What are the different levels in the system? What benefits does each level grant? 

There are 6 levels: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Hero. The goal of these levels is to show the level of experience that you have on our platform and to state your level of commitment during your development on Workana. Your level appears on your profile and will increase the clients' confidence to hire you.

On how many projects may I work simultaneously?

The number of projects you may work on simultaneously vary according to your level. Iron and Bronze freelancers can only work on one project at a time. Silver freelancers can work on two at a time, Gold's on 3, and Platinum and Hero freelancers can work simultaneously on an unlimited number of projects.

As you complete the projects you are running and get more achievements you will be able to work on more projects at the same time: slightly_smiling_face:

IMPORTANT: Extensions, direct hiring, and projects you have been invited to, as well as the projects of those clients you have previously worked with, are exempted from these restrictions.

Therefore, if you are at the Bronze level, and a client decides to create three extensions with you, he will be able to do so without a problem.
Hourly-rated projects are not included in the total number of projects you are executing.

The higher the level, the more connects I'm allowed to make?

No, the amount of connects you can make a week are not directly related to your level. We will unlock bids as you get achievements.

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