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How does Workana's local currency view work?

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2019 12:35PM ART

Workana's local currency view makes it easy for users from different countries to use the platform. However, we know it can be complicated to understand its full operation and we hope to help you by answering the following frequently asked questions 😉


Where do I choose the currency I want to see the site with?


You must click on "Settings" by clicking on your photo at the top right of the screen. There you can choose the currency in which you want to view the site.


IMPORTANT: You can choose any currency to view the site, but the values will always be set in a currency according to the country you choose for your profile. If you are from Argentina, Brazil or Mexico, the values will be set in your local currency. For all other countries, the values will be set in USD. For example, a customer in Colombia may see Workana in Colombian pesos, but its values will be set in USD, and it may happen that when they see Workana in Colombian pesos, the values change according to the exchange value of that currency.


I am hiring professionals and I view the site in my local currency, how does it work?


If you are a client who is hiring professionals, you can choose to publish the project by viewing the budget in your own currency. You will see the offers from professionals in your currency even if they have chosen another currency for their account. As soon as you accept an offer we will set the value in USD for clients that aren’t from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. For clients in these countries, we will set the value in their local currency. Then, you can make the payment with any of the following our methods.


I’m a professional who views the site in my local currency, how does budgeting work?



If you are a professional, your proposals will be fixed in local currency for freelancers from Argentina, Mexico and Brazil and in USD for professionals from other countries, even if you are viewing the site in another currency. Once the client accepts your proposal, the value of that proposal will be fixed in the client's currency. If it is from Brazil, it will be set in Reais, if it is from Argentina in Argentine pesos and if it is from Venezuela in USD, for example.


How does the view on the "My finances" page work?


Although you can view the amounts in your currency on the "My finances" page, they will not represent actual amounts. Remember: Actual amounts will be represented in local currency for Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. And in USD for the rest of the countries. Another example, If you are from Uruguay, you will only view the same amount over time in USD. If you view the platform in Uruguayan pesos, the values may change day by day, but in USD they will always be the same.


I'm a professional, in what currency will I receive the money I earn at Workana?


The money will be collected according to the chosen withdrawal method. If you have Paypal or Payoneer, you will receive it in USD. So far, only Brazil, Argentina and Mexico have withdrawal methods in local currency. Even though we want to have more countries with the possibility of withdrawing in their local currency, this is not possible yet. 🙂


IMPORTANT: We always recommend that you view Workana in the currency in which you will be paid. This will make things a lot easier for you. 😉
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