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Mediation and Disputes

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What is a dispute and how can it be solved?


When there is no agreement between the client and the professional regarding the fulfillment of the objectives of the contract, either of the two can initiate a negotiation process (See How to cancel a project? Self-mediation).


When an agreement is not possible, Workana conducts arbitration. In this case, we act as arbitrators and we decide how the project will be completed as well as the percentage of payment that will be released or not. In this case, both the professional and the client may receive a breach to the contract that will be visible on their Workana profile. This happens when we conclude that one of the parties did not respect the terms of the project.


When a professional receives a breach, their reputation and ranking on the platform are affected, making it difficult to be hired again for new projects in the future.



It is important to note that communications that take place outside the Workana platform may not be used as evidence in a dispute.



What are the costs of arbitration?


When the client or the professional request arbitration, it costs 15 USD or 10% of the amount that has not yet been released (whichever is greater).


If a client or professional have already used Workana arbitration more than three times, the amount will double.


Workana's decision on an arbitration cannot be appealed.


IMPORTANT: Projects valued at up to USD 30 will be arbitrated automatically by the platform, being resolved in the percentage of 50% for the client and 50% for the freelancer.


When is it possible to request a dispute?


See details in our Cancellation Policies


For more information please also visit our User Agreement
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