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What information should I include in a proposal?

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 03:52PM ART

The bid is basically the detail of the work you will carry out and the value of that work.🙃



In the case of FIXED-PRICE PROJECTS, it would be important that the bid covers:



  • The remuneration you expect to receive as a result of the work you do
  • Deadline for work
  • In DESCRIBE YOUR BID you can place the detail of the development to be carried out. This must be clear, setting the limits and scope of what you will carry out
  • Optional: You can elaborate on your experiences and recommendations for the project
  • ATTACHING FILES will allow you to send samples of your work (if applicable), so that the client has a reference of the type of work you will be doing.



In the case of HOURLY PROJECTS, you need to define your value per hour of work and enter it in "Net to be paid/hr".





Whether the project is fixed price or hourly, the system will automatically calculate the value of the Workana commission, so you should not include it in the bid. Once you have entered the data, you will see the final value that the client will have to pay either for the complete project or per hour worked.

Now all you have to do is click on "Submit" and you're done. 😉


IMPORTANT: Remember not to share contact information. Sharing contact information is a violation of our policies and part of our service is to provide security to workers and clients in the implementation of a project.


In the event that communications occur outside the platform, we will not be able to offer our mediation in a dispute or protect the funds associated with the project.



Is it mandatory to send a sample of my work in my bid?


Don't worry 🙂, you don't have to send a sample file when you apply for a project. You can limit yourself to talking about your skills, work experience and the amount of money you have set aside for the job. However, if the client requests a sample of your work, it is recommended that you send them a sample (remember that you can attach it as a file).
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