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Types of projects: hourly and fixed price for freelancers

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2019 05:41PM ART

When you are looking for projects at Workana, you can work for a fixed price or hourly.


Let's see the differences 🙂


Fixed-price projects are those that have a well-defined scope and structure of work. The client and the professional agree on a price before starting to work. It is important to define specific goals so that both have a clear idea of what is expected. As the work progresses, deliverables will be made, which will show the progress of the project. It is essential to always make it clear what will the scope be, what will deadlines be and when deliveries will be before starting to work. This way you will avoid possible problems 😉


However, if it is not clear what is expected of the project, if it is possible that there will be sudden changes in direction or that you will have to devote a large part of your week/month to a project, then it is recommended that you be hired in a more flexible way. In these cases the hourly contract is ideal. Both parties agree on an hourly rate and start the work by reporting the hours worked directly at Workana. The client can accept or reject the report and thus have direct control over the work done. They can also specify the number of hours authorized to work on the project in the following weeks.


Whether you are contracted for a fixed project or an hourly basis project, make sure you define and document the points to be met clearly and set goals with your client to ensure success! The more you agree before you start, the less inconvenients you will have 🙂


Remember that for both hourly (reporting hours with Workana TIme Report) and fixed-price  projects you always have Workana's guarantee. The money will be sent to you when you complete the job correctly.
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