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Last steps before considering a project complete

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2018 07:05AM ART
Once all the necessary changes are made and the work is finished, the professional will send all appropriate files and will consider the project complete. You, as a client, must verify if the delivery sent is in compliance with the agreement and, if so, you must accept the delivery. By doing this procedure, you will release 100% of the funds to the professional.

The last step is to rate your counterpart. Both parties will qualify each other, but will not have access to their own ratings before submitting a qualification for their counterpart, so that the process is fair for both parties involved.

Remember that if you worked well with a professional and if you wish to work with them again in the future, you can invite them to participate in any other projects you post.

The most important points in the evaluation of a complete project are:
  • Evaluate the specific outcome: Was the paper delivered as agreed? If the project was for the development of a website, is it working already and does it have satisfactory features? If the project was to develop a mobile app, did the professional develop a stable and publishable version?
  • Times and deadlines: Along with the result itself, another thing to evaluate is whether the time periods of the deliveries were satisfactory and in line with what the professional had promised.
  • Communication: How was the interaction with the professional? Were they easy to communicate with, were they clear in their comments and requirements? Did they answer your messages in reasonable time periods? Did they provide a good working environment?
  • Skills listed in the proposal: Did the professional actually have the skills assured in their proposal?
  • Added Value: In addition to the items required for the project, did the professional contribute with something more?
  • Future opportunities: By knowing how a professional works, you can learn a lot about different ways of working and even technical aspects, and get to know that person, their skills and ambitions. So, whenever you work with a professional, keep in mind that you will be dealing with someone you may need in the future or that may ultimately contribute to your business with new projects.
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