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Workana Time Report for hourly projects

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2019 05:39PM ART

Workana Time Report is a tool designed for hourly projects that allows your clients to have greater visibility and control over your work.


It is a simple app, easy to use and install, that records the time dedicated to a specific task and takes screenshots that show in detail the work you accomplished. These two functions are very important to establish a relationship built on trust when working remotely. Mostly because they give your client the possibility of using these materials to approve the hours reported for the project.


It is also a practical solution for you, as a professional, since it allows you to save time: you won't have to keep track of your hours worked and you won't have to manually report them on your work journal. Workana Time Report does that automatically for you.


How does it work?


To start using Workana Time Report, you'll have to download and install this tool on your computer.

After you've done that, you must run the app and log into your Workana account using your user and password.



Then, you must choose which project you wish to work on and specify the task you'll develop. When you click on "GO", the tool will begin recording and taking screenshots of your work.



Workana Time Report allows you to interrupt the time tracking momentarily and take a break, by clicking on the coffee mug. You can also finish the task, if you need to stop for the day or move on to another task or project.



To check out how your tasks and worked hours are reported through Time Report on your Workana account, you must log in and access your work journal for that project. When you use Time Report for an hourly project, an additional column appears with an eye symbol. When you click on the eye, a new window opens, showing all screenshots taken by Time Report during that task.




It is important to highlight that, as a professional, you may delete tasks and screenshots while they are still pending approval. Take into account that, by doing so, a notification will appear on your client's report.


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