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Cancellation policy for fixed value projects

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2018 11:25AM ART
How does Workana work?

Workana is a platform that connects customers and professionals to work remotely. When a client accepts a proposal for a fixed value project, the security deposit is paid. This payment remains in Workana until the project is completed successfully. Once the project is delivered, the payment is released to the professional.

The project is managed by both parties (Professional and Employer) and if they don’t get to an agreement about the results, or some other problem that arises during the development, Workana may intervene acting as a mediator between the parties.

In what way Workana intervenes?  

Workana offers mediation or arbitration between the parties.

In a mediation, we try to find a compromise solution to the problem, encouraging communication between the two, and trying to enable the project to be completed as arranged originally. At that time, we can also give a party an ultimatum, to prevent the project going into arbitration.

When an agreement is not possible, Workana makes an arbitration. In this case, we act as arbitrators and decide how the project will be completed as well as what the payout percentage will or won’t be released. In this case, both the professional and the client can receive a violation that will be visible on your Workana profile. This occurs when we conclude that a party did not respect the terms of the project.

Workana guarantees that the client will only pay if the work is received successfully and according to the project agreement. In our arbitrations we analyze the full history of the project to make a correct decision. If the professional fails to comply with his part, Workana will perform the corresponding refund (see refund policy)

When the employer accepts a proposal, agrees that Workana could intervene as an arbitrator in case any issues arise, subject to the decisions of the site. We work to decide fairly and properly analyzing each case individually.

In this list you will find some of the reasons that may justify the cancellation of a project, being both responsibilities possible (professional or employer’s responsibility).

1 When a professional stops communicating over a long period of time.

Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? Yes

Workana considers to be the professional responsibility to report the project progress by keeping track of the messages within the site. If we verify no messages on behalf of the professional updating the status of the project, the project may be canceled.

At first we try to give an ultimatum to the professional so that they could finish the job on time, but if there’s no register of communications for a long period of time, we may cancel this project without prior contact.

2 When there is undue delay by the professional

Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? Yes

If we verify that the delay does not have a reason, and that the deadline was not respected, the client may request cancellation of the project. At first we try to give an ultimatum to the professional so that they could finish the job on time, but if it does not, the project may be canceled.

In a large project, a small delay does not justify a cancellation. If the project duration was 30 days and the delay might be one day, for example, the project could only be canceled if we verify a lack of commitment by the professional to continue the project.

3 When the professional promises but never deliver milestones

Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? Yes  

In this case, Workana analyzes the project history to check general behavior regarding the professional performance. If we verify that the professional postponed deadlines and promises with no intention of delivering milestones, the project may be canceled.

4 When the employer does not like the final result

Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? It depends.

In this case Workana verifies the project description submitted, checking the compatibility between the work requested and the one delivered by the professional.

If we verify that the work is of an inferior quality to the agreed project, then the project may be canceled. But, if the work was consistent with what the employer asked for, but still it’s not satisfied, a partial payment will be sent to the professional.

5 When a professional fails to develop the project

Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? It depends

Workana believes it is the responsibility of the professional to ask for enough information before starting a project. But the employer should be clear in the description of the project and provide the most details about the project required prior to hiring.

If Workana verifies that the employer has provided the necessary details, but despite all the professional fails to carry out the project, we can cancel it.

But, if there were sent new details after the proposal is accepted, or if the employer has not been clear in its requirements, a partial payment may be debited, depending on each case and the work actually performed.

8 When a client does not communicate with my

Can the project be canceled in this case? Yes

When the employer accepts a proposal they should contact the professional and be able to give an answer or feedback whenever is required. If the emplyer stops communicating for a long period of time, the project could be cancelled and the professional could receive the payment if the project had been partly or fully developed.

Workana never release funds without first contacting the employer. But the lack of communication from the employer, can end up in the cancellation of the project and the release of the payment to the hired professional.

When a delivery is made​​, you will have 5 business days to accept or reject it. If you needed more time to discuss the work, you have to arrange it with the professional.

9 When both parties agree to cancel a project

Can the project be canceled in this case? Yes

Workana can cancel a project if both parties agree. But we analyze the work done to verify if a possible partial payment is needed. If the professional had worked correctly, they will receive a partial payment for what has been developed.

If an unreasonable cancellation is requested, the Workana commission may be debited in some cases (check Refunds Policy)

It's part of our job to keep a professional’s database well committed within the platform and nurture their profiles to show a real history within the site. That is why in case of a cancellation, we analyze the full history of the project and, if we verify that a party has not complied with the initial agreement, it may receive a breach, even if the cancellation was agreed by the both.


In case of trouble with a professional, do not hesitate to contact us for our help. We work as mediators and our role is to provide security in the agreed contract. We do not create barriers to cancel a project, and provide support to help rehire another professional if necessary.

We try to be fair and study each case individually, always giving a chance for both sides to express their point of view. This is why we ask for a term of up to five days to complete a successful arbitration.

Also check our Refund Policy in which we explain in more detail the ​​possible refunds in case the project is canceled, as well as the Cancellation Policies for an hourly Project.
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