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Refund policy at Workana

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018 05:05PM ART

How does Workana work?


Workana is a platform that connects clients and professionals for work that can be done remotely. These jobs can be paid by the hour or by a fixed amount. 💰


When a client accepts a proposal for a project at a fixed amount, the client makes a guarantee payment. This payment remains with Workana until the project is completed and the client releases the payment to the professional.


If there’s any problem with the project, it may be cancelled. In this case, the amount still under guarantee on the platform may be reimbursed to the client, i.e. the value that has not been released to the professional by the client (check our project cancellation policy).


In the event of a cancellation with a refund to the client, this amount will be credited to the client's Workana account. At this time the customer may choose to use the amount as a credit in future contracts or request a refund.


The information below also applies for cases where clients add credit to their account.



Option 1: Credit


To view this credit, simply log in to My Finances > My Account Movements, clicking on your photo, at the top right of your profile.


To use this amount in future contracts, when you are directed to the payment page, simply select the "use Credit" option. In the event that the amount to be paid is greater than the balance in the account, the client must pay the difference to start the new project. If the amount to be paid is less than the balance in the account, the difference will remain as credit and the client can use it again in another contract or request a refund for the difference remaining in the account. 😉



Option 2: Refund


In the event that the client chooses for a refund of the balance on the account, the refund will be made in accordance with the payment method used in the initial transaction of this payment. 💲


💳Payments by Credit Card: For payments made by credit card in the last 180 days, the refund will be made through a refund to the card itself. If the payment has more than 180 days, the refund will be made by the methods available in the section below: When the refund is not possible.


Obs. If the credit card used is cancelled or replaced, the client will have to contact his operator to verify how the refund would be in this case. On our behalf, by process, refund information is sent to the card operator. 😉



🚫When a refund is not possible: When a refund is not possible, either because the payment is over 180 days old or because the method used does not allow the refund option, we can offer the client any of the professional withdrawal methods as a refund option. To see these methods, it’s necessary to go to My Finances > Configure Withdrawal options by clicking on your photo, at the top right of your profile.

In this case, the client may choose local bank transfer, Payoneer or PayPal withdrawal and we can also offer the transfer of the amount to the client's Mercado Pago account. It is important to clarify that in all cases, the costs of withdrawal of any method are the responsibility of the client. In none of these cases will Workana be responsible for these costs.


Refund amount


Whenever a refund is requested, we will refund the total amount that clients have at their Workana account. Workana does not retain any amount and we do not charge a refund fee. 😉


It is important to remember that refunds are only possible on projects by fixed amount or for aggregated funds. Hourly projects do not work with guarantee payments and therefore they operate differently. For hourly projects it is not possible to receive refunds for the hours recorded, approved and paid by the client. See our hourly project refund policy.
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