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Types of projects: hourly and fixed price

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2019 05:35PM ART

When you are looking for projects at Workana or post a project, you can work o post a project for a fixed price or hourly.


Let's see the differences 🙂



Fixed Price:


Fixed prices are the projects that are well defined with the reach and job structured and the payment will be realized once at the end of the job.

The customer and professional agreed price before to start working on the project. 


It's important to measure the specific goals for both sides. As soon as the job goes on, some deliverables will define the progress of the job. It's crucial to keep clear the reach, time and deliverables before starting work on the project. In this way, you can avoid miscommunication. 😉


On the other hand, if it is not clear what is expected on the project that you applying,  some changes are suddenly expected on the project that you are already working on, or even if you must dedicate a large part of your week/month in this project, then it is recommended that you be hired in a more flexible way.


Projects by Hour


In these cases above the best choice are jobs by hour.


Both customer and professional agreed on a price per hour and starts working on the project reporting the hours that were worked on through Workana.


Customers can accept or reject the report and having perfect control over the job that is being realized. Also, it can limit the authorized hours that a professional can works on his project. Doesn't matter if the job is a fixed price or per hour, be sure that all is well accorded and the objectives are clear to achieve success for both sides. 

As more both agree before starting, less misunderstanding they will have. 🙂


Remember: for all types of projects you have Workana's warranty. The money will be released only when the project is totally finished according to the initial deal.
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