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Why is it important not to share any contact information?

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2019 03:47PM ART
You may access our Policies and our User Agreement on Workana.

The two most important things that allow Workana to secure the work you perform are:
  1. Communications
  2. Payments

It is really important that all communications and payments are made via the platform because this is the only way in which we can enforce our guarantee in the event of disagreement between the parties.
Workana protects both clients and professionals. Professionals are assured that funds are available and will be released if they perform a good job as per the client’s instructions, and clients know that their funds are held by Workana and will only be released once they receive and approve the job that the professional has done.

Sharing contact information would put this guarantee at risk. In order to protect clients and professionals, all communications should be made within Workana. In this way, Workana is able to monitor all communications and assist both parties in the event of disagreement. Communications outside Workana are not permitted and cannot be used as proof during a dispute.

If the client is not satisfied with the job the professional has done, the client can decide not to approve the job. In this case, Workana will assist both parties and find a resolution before releasing funds to any of them. If the project was not well done or was not delivered according to the project terms, the professional will not be paid. Likewise, If Workana determines that the professional has done a good job to the client’s specifications, Workana will honor payment even if the client declined to release it.
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