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Why not to send your contact details at Workana?

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2019 04:36PM ART

Sending contact information to other users is against our policies and may lead to you losing your account as a result.

Selection process within the platform


We know that in a regular process of selecting a professional it is very common for the client to want to do interviews, questions and even some technical tests. For this reason, in our platform we seek to offer the necessary tools so that the client can obtain the same information that he would obtain in a telephone or face-to-face interview.


All the questions and doubts you may have can be sent through the message tool of our platform. In this way, it is possible to interview the professional in writing, within Workana, and even receive files of other work that the professional has previously done (the files can be sent as attachments in the messages).


In addition, as a client you can request our assistance to select the most suitable professional for your project. Ask your Account Executive to help you review the candidates' qualifications.

Out of the platform, out of guarantee!


We decided to ban external contact to the platform for a very simple reason: to be able to monitor the quality of the work submitted by users of the platform. That is to say, we want to be sure that the client was satisfied, that professionals took great care of the project and that they will receive the agreed value. Therefore, in order for us to be able to monitor what was agreed, we need to be "present" in all communications between client and professional, even before the contract itself, at the time when the values, deadlines and details of the activities to be performed are defined.

The main differential of Workana is the protection of the professional, guaranteeing payment, and of the client, guaranteeing a quality work. But what is a quality work? This is when the professional carries out the work requested by the client, for the agreed price, within the agreed deadline, and respecting the defined guidelines. When the client receives the work and is not satisfied, it has the right to request mediation from Workana – this is part of the guarantee of our service. At that point, messages sent through our platform are critical to defining what should have been delivered (and comparing it to what was in fact delivered). If we find that the professional did not comply with the agreement, we will return the money to the client. The opposite may occur, and is also true: if the professional delivers the work according to the client's request and the client does not release payment for whatever reason, the professional is also entitled to request mediation. In this case, we will carry out the same evaluation and, if we find that the professional complied with the guidelines, we will release the payment. If any communication was not included in the messages of our platform, how could we consider it in our mediation, and how would we know what was agreed upon in those messages? This is why sending contact details and communications outside the platform puts the project guarantee at risk.

Do you need it? Workana's got it!


Do you need to send an email to the professionals so that they can send you the invoice for their service? Use our message tool: professionals can attach the invoice to the message and send it to you, without losing Workana's guarantee.

Need to negotiate flexible payment terms? At Workana you have a variety of payment methods. You can even pay by credit card if you prefer.

You delivered the work to the client and still haven't released the payment and need to contact the client to collect it? Once the contract is finalized, clients have a certain period of time to evaluate whether or not they will need mediation. After this time, the delivery is considered accepted and professionals receive payment without having to call clients or having, this often uncomfortable, conversation.

Workana platform was created especially to meet the demands that may arise during the different phases of a project, from the creation to the selection of professionals, ending with the release of payment. And final touch is our guarantee, for both the client and the professional.


And then?


We include this issue in our policies in order to continue offering the guarantee, which is our main differential. Please note that any breach puts the project’s guarantee and your own account at risk. And none of us want that, right? 😉 We ask you to respect these rules and, of course, you can count on us in all phases of your relationships with other users of the platform. We count on your understanding 🙂


In short, we do not want to deprive anyone of our guarantee, which is precisely the differential that we strive so hard to preserve. If you have any questions, please contact us, and good business! 😎
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