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How may a project be cancelled? Self-mediation

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How does Workana work?


Workana is a platform that connects clients and professionals to work remotely. When clients accept a proposal for a project, they pay a security deposit or Escrow, which is deposited in Workana, until the project is successfully completed. Once the project is delivered to clients, then the payment is made to the professional.


Once the guarantee payment has been made, the professional and the client begin to work on the project. If during the process, there is no agreement on the results obtained or any inconvenience arises, the parties may try to reach an agreement on how to cancel the project through the mediation process.


If the agreement is not possible, either party may request arbitration from Workana, which will analyse the project, the communication between both parties on the platform, the deliverables, etc. and will define the conditions for its cancellation.



How do I cancel a project and start a self-mediation?



In the event that it is necessary to cancel the project, the client has the option to initiate the mediation process. In this instance, which has no charge to either party, the client and the professional initiate a negotiation in which they decide on the work done, how to divide the amount deposited in guarantee and the rights of the work already delivered, if any.



Two points to consider:


  • When mediation is initiated, both the client and the professional automatically lose the right to qualify each other.
  • Either party may receive a breach in their profile if Workana believes that the initial agreement in the project has not been met.


Now, let's see the steps to follow 🙂



To start the cancellation process, enter to the project and click on the button ''start mediation process​''






After that, the system will display a series of comments before moving on. After reading them, accept the terms and click the button and you can proceed:




At this point, the system will present you with the mediation form, which you need to complete to continue.


A cancellation proposal form has 4 fields that you will need to complete:



a. Reason why you want to cancel the project: If none of the options presented is your case, choose the one closest to the situation you are in. Below, you can expand the reason by leaving your comments.


b.   Rights to the files already submitted: This applies in the case that progress of the project has already been submitted, otherwise it is irrelevant.


c. Percentages of the funds to be paid to the other party: At this point, you define what percentage of the available funds you wish to release or not. Keep in mind that this is a numeric field so, whether you decide not to release anything, or part of it, you only need to enter the number. Example, 0 (you don’t want to release anything) 20 (if you want to release 20% of the remaining balance).


d. Reason for project cancellation: Here you can leave any other comments you consider relevant.


Once you complete the form, the system will give you the option to post the project again. If you decide to open it, you will be able to retrieve the bids received before the hiring had been done.




How does the process continue?


Upon receipt of the cancellation bid you have just submitted, the other party has the option to accept it, to make a counter-bid or to request arbitration. If there is no response to a bid within 72 hours, it will be automatically accepted.


If the other party decides to accept your bid, the project will be cancelled and the funds will be distributed as agreed.


NOTE: If you are a client and you are credited with some or all of the funds, they will be available in your profile. There, you can use them for a new project payment or to request a refund.


If the other party decides to submit a counter-bid, you can accept it, you can send a new counter-bid or request arbitration to Workana.


IMPORTANT: All projects cancelled by mediation or arbitration are reviewed by WORKANA, which may determine a breach, even if the parties have reached an agreement, if it considers that the original agreement has not been complied (see Breach Reasons).
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