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When can I get a non-compliance (breach)?

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2019 01:23PM ART

When a project does not end with the release of 100% of the client's funds to the professional, both the client and the professional can get a breach in their profile for not having satisfactorily completed the project.


In projects that are solved by arbitration, in which Workana acts as mediator, Workana may, when deciding on the release of the funds, determine a breach in the profile of either parties if it considers that part of the initial agreement between the client and the professional has not been complied with.


In cases where the project is cancelled with an agreement between the client and the professional by means of self-mediation, Workana may also determine a breach in either party's profile if it considers that either party has not complied with the agreement.


For this reason, and to avoid possible breaches in the profile, it is essential that the communication during a project is kept or updated through the platform, and that the scope of the project and the deadlines are agreed upon before the deposit in guarantee is made.



Possible reasons for non-compliance:


A breach may be determined when:

  • The professional does not meet the deadline.
  • One of the parties unilaterally cancels a project for no reason.
  • There’s a failure to comply with what was initially agreed in the project.
  • Partial or full advance payment request and corresponding material has not been delivered
  • There’s a failure to comply any of Workana's policies (see Workana’s Policies).
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