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What can negatively affect my ranking position?

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2019 12:23PM ART

Maintaining a good position in the ranking is very important in order to get more and better projects at Workana. To achieve this you can help keep your Workana account active by submitting bids, winning projects and earning money from the platform. But you can also avoid negative ratings, avoiding breaches, arbitrations, self-mediations, contact or payment alerts and suspension of bids .


  • Breaches: Each breach or violation directly affects your average at Workana and also negatively affects your ranking position. A breach in the last few months will definitely and negatively affect your position. They can be given in both arbitrations and in self-mediation. See breaches.
  • Arbitrations and self-mediations: If more than one project has not been completed in the last six months, this will negatively affect your ranking position. We believe that successfully completing a project is fundamental to the platform, and the more self-mediations or arbitrations you have, the worse your position will be. See self-mediations and arbitrations.
  • Contact or payment alerts: Every time you send contact or payment information outside the platform, and receive an alert, it will negatively affect your position. Workana is a platform that serves as a guarantee for professionals and clients, and it is very important that communications and payments are carried out through the platform.
  • Suspension of bids:can be given on a freelancer profile if it is found in profile thatour platform policies have been broken. These suspensions can range from 15 to 90 days which the freelancer will not be able to send proposals to clients.

For these reasons, it is very important to avoid having more than one arbitration, breaches and sending contact or payment details outside of Workana. In addition, such actions, if considered serious or repeated, may result in the closure of an account on the platform.
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