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What do the bars measure on my Control Panel?

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2018 06:53AM ART

In your control panel you will find three percentage bars that can help you measure your performance and move up in the Ranking :)


What does each bar mean and what do we take into account when calculating them? Here are the details of each one ;)


Make more bids:


Here are all the bids you have submitted in the last 7 days. To achieve a percentage of 100% you must have submitted at least 10 bids in the last 7 days.


Please note that messages and queries sent to customers do not count towards this bar. Only those value bids sent to your potential clients add up to points.


Answer to your clients without delay:


The response rate bar measures, in addition to the number of messages answered, the speed with which you respond to your clients. In this calculation we take into account all messages and replies sent in the last 15 days.


Thus, if you have answered to all your clients within 2 hours after receiving their message, your bar will remain at 100%.


The first messages exchanged with your client after the bid is sent have more weight in this calculation. This is because we know that maintaining fluid contact with a potential client potentially increases your chances of being selected :)


Win Projects:




The last bar shows you the number of projects you have won in the last 3 months. For the percentage to remain at 100 % it is necessary to have won at least 5 projects in the last 60 days.


Also, remember that all these percentages are calculated daily and do not immediately reflect your activities. They can take up to 24 hours to impact our system and be updated in your profile.


We invite you to check these bars periodically as they will help you to visualize your activity on the platform and, when you notice that any of them drops, you will be able to identify where you should improve and continue to progress with your professional career at Workana :)
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