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Extensions - What are they and how do they work?

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2019 05:42PM ART

When new needs or tasks arise during the development of a project that have not been considered in the initial project, it is possible to create an extension. 🙂


Extensions function in a similar way to a normal project, but are included within the main project as a continuation of it. How?


After discussing the new requirements with the professional, the client (or the profissional) can create an extension (or several) directly from the main project panel. When doing so, they must indicate the details and value of the new project:





Once the extension has been created and the security deposit has been paid, the professional can view the original project and the extension(s) within the same panel and also in their list of projects:





Thus, and in order to make its development easier, all messages will be centralized in the main project 😉




What happens if, as a professional, I do not wish to proceed with the extension?


As with regular projects, the professional has a deadline to withdraw from this extension without affecting their profile. Here, and unlike normal projects, the deadline to disengage from the extension is 7 days after the professional has been hired.


To reject the extension, the professional must enter the project and select the three points that appear to the right of the extension. Clicking on it will open a menu of options, including the "Reject project extension" option.


By refusing the extension, professionals will detach themselves from it, and their profile or points will not be affected. 😉





What happens if there are problems with the extension, and a dispute needs to be held?



If, after start working on the extension, any inconvenience should arise, it may be cancelled by means of self-mediation, or arbitration.


How do ratings work for projects with extensions?


Each extension may be completed, submitted and rated independently but, as part of a major project, an average of the major project and all extensions will be done to report a final rating for that project.


For example, if the major project was rated 5 stars and the extension 3, the final project will appear with a rating of 4 stars. In the event that extensions are added, the average will be updated whenever an extension is completed.


This average number of stars received will be applied to both the professional's and the client's rating.


Why is this average done?


Since extensions are created to add tasks to a major project, you could say that the project + extensions correspond to the same project separated in stages.


Thus, and taking into account that professional and client have combined the tasks of the extensions, and that this has not been rejected within 7 days, both parties agree to carry out the tasks as agreed. 🙂



If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us at so we can help you. We are at your service! ;)
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