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How do Smart Messages work?

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 11:24AM ART

In Workana you can create and save messages to be sent automatically when a new project is published. Here's how it works! 🙂


  • Schedule a message for each area you usually apply to.
  • We send that message to the best projects
  • The customers answer to you.
  • After talking and negotiating, you submit your formal proposal.



This functionality is available to professionals who have achieved the following objectives:



  • Have 10 completed projects in at least one subcategory, with 3 different clients.
  • Having won 1000 USD or more.
  • Be a Gold, Platinum or Hero user.
  • Have an average of 4.5 stars in the ratings of your completed projects.
  • Have 1 completed project or more in last 6 months.
  • Having won 400 USD or more in last 6 months.



Let's see the step by step! ✍



1) To set up your messages, go to the "Job Search" section and "Smart Messages" under it:





2) The system will show you the categories you have entered in your professional profile (profile categories) and also the subcategories where you can create your messages (profile skills). Select the option you want, and click "Create message":





3) Complete your message: take into account the details that you usually report when you contact a client for similar projects. Think that the message should be eye-catching and that it should tell the client that you are the ideal one for their project but, don't forget, that it will be sent to different projects. With this in mind, seek to create a "general" message that can have a positive impact on every customer who receives it. 😉





Save your message, AND DONE!! 👍


When a client publishes a project that suits your knowledge and experience, we will automatically send them your message. You will be their first contact!! 🙃


Remember that in order for us to send your messages, you must have logged in to Workana within the last 48 hours!


Note: Clients will receive 2 automatic messages per project. These messages are sent automatically, randomly.



What are you waiting for?! Create your smart message now and increase your chances of winning projects!! 🙂
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