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In what currency is the commission between client and freelancer calculated?

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019 03:34PM ART

The answer is simple :) In US dollars. That is, the sum of the transactions between client and freelancer is always calculated in that currency.


Here we will explain what happens with each type of payment, but first we remind you that all clients and freelancers have their currency anchored in dollars, except Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, which have it anchored in their local currency. It is in these cases, in which this topic may bring some complications, that we will try to explain in this article.


How and when do we convert the value to USD?


Fixed projects: Each time a client releases funds to the professional, we automatically convert the value released from the client's local currency into dollars, and that is the value taken to add the transactions between client and freelancer and calculate the commission.


Projects by the hour: Each time the client's approved hours are charged.


Direct payments: Here, the conversion is when the client pays, since once the clients does so, the professional receives the payment.


Extensions and direct hire: It works in the same way as in fixed projects. The value is converted at the time of release.



IMPORTANT: Remember that this conversion only applies when the client is from Argentina, Mexico or Brazil. In all other cases, there is no conversion, as payments are anchored to USD as soon as they are made by the client.
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