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About sharing contact or payment information outside Workana

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2018 03:36PM ART

At Workana we provide a safe and reliable working environment for clients and freelancers to carry out their projects through the platform. In order to provide our guarantee, it is essential that clients and professionals comply with the standards of the platform:


What are the platform’s policies?

  • You cannot send or request external contact information outside Workana before the escrow deposit is made: We believe that if a client and a freelancer meet through Workana, they should follow this bond through the platform. If you don't, you can receive a contact alert in the first instance, and we may close the account or suspend bids at a second opportunity.
  • You cannot request or send payments outside Workana: If a client sends an external payment to a freelancer, or a professional requests it, the account will be closed automatically.
  • You can't send offensive content to another user: This type of content will also likely result in the closure of the user's account.
  • Self-hiring: If users hire themselves to be able to position themselves in the ranking, it also means the closure of their account.
  • Failing to comply with a client: Failure to comply with the initial agreement may result in a sanction according to the severity of the breach.
  • Apply for free work: We believe that all work within the platform should be paid, so this violation also involves closing the account for the client.

What can happen if I do not comply with these policies?


In case of non-compliance with these policies, we may close your account on the platform, suspend your bids for a certain period of time in the case of freelancers, or reject a project if you are a client.



Can I open another account if you close mine?


Once we decide to close an account on the platform, the user will not be able to create a new account.



If I have a plan, or I’ve paid for projects, are the rules the same?


Yes, we do not differentiate according to the ranking that a professional has, or the paid projects that a client has. The fact of having contracted a plan does not exempt the user from receiving a sanction if it violates the site's policies.



How many warnings do I get before I close my account?


If we consider the fault to be serious, we do not give a warning. For example, if a client or professional requests that the payment be made outside, the sanction is given without prior warning. If a user requests contact information, we can send an alert in the first instance and suspend bids or close their account in the second instance.



Why are these policies so important?


Because if a client and a freelancer meet at Workana and then work outside the platform, we cannot offer the security guarantee we offer to both parties during a project.
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